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A Memorable Christmas Gift for her

Things have been changing a lot this year. There is no other way to survive rather than adjusting and adapting to the prevailing situation of COVID-19. So in the meantime, the ways of shopping have also significantly changed. The public is expected to pick a perfect gift ( Buy a perfect gift from Amazon) for Christmas online. Inevitably, there is no way to escape. To purchase things, we surf online for many hours, and choosing a perfect gift from a plethora of options is really a tough job. We tend to spend hours choosing a gift for our beloved. Perhaps, we have got more used to online shopping. It has been one of the undiscovered areas in which people were not completely engaged in it. However, these tough times did not let us escape, and to maintain the safety measures, we tend to buy things online. Online shopping websites have also come up with the necessary measures to prevent the spreading virus.

New Year Shopping (** No Email ID Required for Voting)
New Year Shopping (** No Email ID Required for Voting)

No matter what happens, Christmas has always been a festival where people celebrate their love, care, and happiness by losing themselves for others’ happiness. Christmas allows reconnecting with friends and families. It is the holiday season where everyone travels from far places to reunite together. As the pandemic prolongs, there are high chances that people will get exposed to coronavirus; besides, cold weather can increase in cases; thus, people shop more online. Though there are a few measures to follow while attending holiday gatherings, still, they have a chance to present some perfect gifts for their loved ones. Also, if the bonding gets broken, this occasion builds a bridge to reunite their friendship.

I gifted my brother a wristwatch (Buy wristwatch from Amazon) before I left for Paris, France. Watches are a good choice to gift- it is useful, and whenever he wears it, he will always get reminded of me as I have gifted him; however, choosing a perfect watch can be a hectic task because there are many components that one needs to look upon such as- features, design, and style. The straps get a standardized look with the leather material, and this one watch is particularly handsome as it gets the royal blue color dial, which is generally preferred by all the guys. So I thought, why should I not give him a super cool watch him. I have put an extra effort to present him with his favorite by considering our previous conversations and his style.

My brother was really overwhelmed by getting his hands on the watch. I think that would have been one of the cherishable moments to celebrate our affection. No matter how hard we fight or be angry with one another. Despite all the conflicts, Christmas always makes us a choice to be together. So leaving him, we went to catch our flight and I must say, he was about to weep when I chose to leave him for a few days. Sometimes, a gift is not just a gift ( Buy gift from Amazon) rather it is a present that reminds people how much they care, shower love for each other. Looking at his withered face, I had no choice in leaving him but my sister was staring at me, as the time was running.

Boarding the flight, I and my sister were engaged in a conversation about a gift that I presented to my brother. I have no idea why she is not that attached to my brother. I am more fond of my brother than her, or maybe it is my opinion of being an elder sister. This winter, we are in Paris to celebrate Christmas. It is the city of lights that has got some extra dose of twinkling incandescent lamps. We admired the Christmas lights. We felt they were more than mere bulbs because of the elevating feel that we evoked in our soul while watching the antique silver and pink hanging handcrafted lantern (Buy hanging handcrafted lantern from Amazon) and colorful light settings. My sister and I roamed all across the streets before reaching our house. This is the first time I have been visiting Paris, and I cannot believe that my dream has come true. Walking down the lane, the place followed a theme in hues of red and blush, leaving a look over the fantasy world.

It was morning when we reached our home, my mom opened the door, and she was about to welcome my sister and me. Despite that, I went straight to my bedroom since I was excited to open the gifts from the hanging stockings (Buy hanging stockings from Amazon), and yeah, I got my hands on playing cards. Thank you, mommy! I voiced out loudly with a gleaming smile.

Generally, people gather together to spend some quality time. It was when our neighbour uncle and aunt visited our place. My sister gestured to me to come out, I did not mind to watch her actions, but I returned to the living room as I heard constant distant voices. Whoa! They were young when I saw them last time but the times have changed.

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It has been almost five years since I have seen them. I could see a clear wide smile; Aunt began the conversation, “You have grown up, child. You also became lean as you went to India.” I did not know what to reply. So I was mum, of course, a thousand thoughts passed through my head when I listened to the conversation.

They gestured to me to come near. I went close, and they presented me with a mason jar covered with photos. I got that happily and stood back near the curtains . As they were conversing with my mom, I took that inside my room and saw the personalized mason jar (Buy Mason Jar from Amazon) that glowed with the led lights ; I could see myself as a child sitting near my neighbour uncle in that photo; there were some of the personalized messages that took me back to my childhood days. I was able to sense how much they sheltered the memories with me. Though it was a small gift, I treasure it whenever I gaze.


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